It’s Just Unforeseeable

I have so many questions about living in a new country. Ones that wouldn’t really apply if we were just visiting. I thought about one today while I was in the diaper aisle in Target: Where and what kind of diapers will I buy? Will cloth diapers start to make more sense? What’s the norm in the UK? I’m sure we’ll figure it all out without too much difficulty, but I for one have never looked for diapers when in a foreign grocery store. To try to answer this question I just googled “UK diapers.” Nappies! They’re called nappies! I knew that. Mum! I’ll be a mum over there!  Also one of the first sites that pulls up is  Whew – I can use Amazon still.

Derek asked me the other day if he should stock up on Old Spice deodorant in case he doesn’t like the smell of any of the deodorants over there. I told him he was being silly, that it was impractical to bring extra deodorant and that he should go British for the year.  I saw that one as an easy answer, but I know others won’t be so simple.

Then there are also big questions like what are L and I going to do all day? Are we going to make any friends? Or what about her first birthday? Is it normal to have parties for 1-year-olds? Will we have made enough friends by the end of July to even have a party? I hope so.

I realize I should, for now, worry more about all the issues that are presenting themselves as we plan the logistics of actually moving ourselves over there. Perhaps this is a lesson about living in “the now” rather than concerning myself with the unforeseeable. 


P.S. On making new friends. (Thank goodness for the sense of community we find and friends we make at church).


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