Yesterday Derek got an email from the HR rep in the UK for his firm. He was in the process of setting up a cab to pick us up from the airport and asked if we would need a saloon car or a people carrier. Um, what?
So we googled both.
Saloon Car = A Sedan
People Carrier = A Minivan
Thanks Wikipedia.
All of this reminded me of an article I read recently about Americans incorporating Britishisms into our vernacular. Current personal application? Some phrases are okay, but be wary of sounding pretentious.
A favorite quote:

But borrowing from the Mother Tongue can be a slippery slope into absurdity, said David Coggins, a writer who lives in the West Village. “You find yourself calling your friends ‘lads,’ which is generally accepted,” said Mr Coggins, 36. “The next thing you know, you’re calling them ‘chaps,’ which they might loosely tolerate. And then you say ‘tallyho’ and you’re greeted with a blank stare.”

I think this ‘language barrier’ will be the most obvious when we first get over there (jump the pond if you will) and quite possibly when we return after having infused our language with britishisms. Perhaps I should start reading this blog, or at least keep trusty google close at hand.


Image by Adam McCauley



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