Officially an Expat

It’s true. We have jumped the pond.
We left Chicago yesterday afternoon, and have made it all the way to Birmingham. Last minute things in Chicago were absolutely crazy to the point that we were the last people to board our flight. So much for all of my advance planning. We had a lifesaver of a friend come to our aid and ensure that we made it to the airport…with all of our luggage.IMG_5192

The flights went fine – I’ll post more about traveling with a baby soon, but this is how [thankfully] some of it went:IMG_5190We’ve taken a preliminary walk around the city, and I’ve realized that I had very little expectations about Birmingham itself, other than it would be a city (check), British (check), and probably rainy (unfortunately check). I have done a little reading about it, but that was actually ages ago so I only vaguely remember some of the highlights.

After we got in, took a nap, and put on a fresh coat of paint mascara, we strolled around a bit. First thoughts about the city:
Very Amsterdam-ish feel (the first place we explored was some of the canals)
028The city goes back and forth between very modern buildings
IMG_5196 and more quintessential European Buildings/pedestrian streets/squares.

Stay tuned! We have lots to learn and do in the next few days weeks months.

Canals photo source, Victoria Square source.


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