Happy Birthday Little L!

My baby turned one on Sunday.
Is this a monumental thing for all parents? It makes sense to me that the first few birthdays for each child are more important to the parents than to the child. Especially the first child’s first birthday. I can’t help but sit here and shake my head and marvel at how much she’s grown, learned, and seen in the past year. I think she’s positively amazing, but then, I am admittedly biased.

So, in an effort to not get too sappy here are a bunch of pictures of her instead.
IMG_5769IMG_5775 IMG_5790Eleanor Collage

Before we moved here I worried that we wouldn’t have friends that would want to celebrate with us. We do! And they’ve been so welcoming and loving.  One of L’s newest friends (at the party):
IMG_5712 Isn’t it funny that when a baby turns one part of the celebration (or most of it) is that the parents kept that little being alive and well for a whole year?!? She’s less than 5 hours old in this picture. While part of me would love to hold this little newborn close, I love the silly, cheesy, wiggly, loving girl I have right now.IMG_1171

Celebrating her birthday has made me a little homesick for some of our Chicago friends, especially these two other moms and their babies. This was taken at a half birthday party we had for them – all three kids were born within three weeks of each other.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Miss you guys! And everyone else, really. Happy First Birthdays!

P.S. I wonder if Prince George will be interested in older women. L is less than a year older than him, after all. Did you know he already has his own Wikipedia page? Of course he does.
Based on this it’s a bummer that Camilla’s title is Duchess rather than Lady. Also, I love Kate Middleton.

P.P.S. Happy World Breastfeeding Week! Last year we went to an event hosted by our pediatrician’s office to celebrate. I had been breastfeeding for less than two weeks at the time so it was actually really nice to feel some support and encouragement just because something like World Breastfeeding Week exists.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Little L!

  1. Happy happy birthday L!! We miss you so much!! Beautiful photo and celebrations. Can’t believe our babies are 1! Xo

  2. I can’t believe MY baby is a mom, HA! (Yes, I can; and I am very proud of you and your mothering – and fathering skills.) Only because it is easy for us at our age to wish we were in that stage, still… Enjoy it all you can! And it really and truly seems you are, Shantal and Derek — so, – GOOD FOR YOU!! But, then, I guess taking a 2-month-old baby to Panama with the U.S. Army wasn’t so terribly different – except that it rained about 11:30 am every day instead of randomly!

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