Warwick Castle: A Jack of All Trades

As a day trip, because it’s a short train ride away from Birmingham, we went to Warwick Castle a few weekends ago. The weather was lovely, the rides to and from were easy, we had a 2 for 1 coupon… it was a great day out.IMG_5946My only complaint? That aside from the view from the top of the castle tower, I didn’t feel like we were seeing anything drastically different from what we’ve seen lately. But we’re okay with that!IMG_5944 IMG_5940Warwick Castle highlights its residents from the Medieval era and Victorian Era, so basically this and this with more wax figures. And we got to watch more staged fighting. One thing I liked about Warwick’s fighting over History Live: The narration was waaaaay less dry. And they joked about how fake Hollywood Medieval fighting is while showing us what was probably more correct. (i.e. the sword fighting wouldn’t have lasted nearly as long, they didn’t even use swords that often, rather axes etc).Fighting WarwickI did love how family friendly and tourist friendly Warwick is. It’s perfect for a little history, a little fun, a little sightseeing, a little workout, a little show (the trebuchet – famous because it’s the largest in the world, the mock fighting, and other shows throughout the day) and lots of British heritage. Hence, a Jack-of-all-trades castle.IMG_5961 IMG_5975

Visiting Warwick?
The Castle (during the summer months) is open later than the shops leading from the train station to the castle. Since we let L take a morning nap at home we were worried we wouldn’t see all of the castle before it closed. We were fine, but I do wish we could have explored some of the shops on the main road.

If you have a little one, don’t bother with your stroller. You can’t bring it into the castle with you or up the ramparts.   We brought ours, but folded it during the train ride and parked it in the castle courtyard (near, like, a million other strollers) for the majority of the time we were there. L was in a carrier most of the day.Warwick CollageIMG_5966


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