Kenilworth Castle

We had some family visitors for the first time! A good amount of our time was spent hanging out and eating food, but isn’t that what visiting with family is all about? We also went and saw Kenilworth Castle together.
IMG_6437Kenilworth is famous for the restoration of the Elizabethan Era garden, based on a detailed description recently found from one of Elizabeths’s entourage. It’s also an important place if you’re interested in The Virgin Queen’s ummm… love affairs. I feel a little strange using the word virgin and the phrase love affairs in the same sentence. haha
Anyway Robert Dudley, Elizabeth’s wanna-be husband (but not a good match politically so not-husband) lived in Kenilworth and Elizabeth visited him there.
IMG_6430In some ways it was just another castle ruin, but there was really more to it. The exhibit in the gate house was helpful to understand the Elizabeth+Dudley backstory, the garden was lovely though small, and the landscaping around the castle was quite different that those we’ve already seen. And it was more entertaining since we had the views of a 9-almost-10-year old and a 6 year old. For example, this open area was perfect for headstand practicing, of course.IMG_6434
We loved having visitors!



5 thoughts on “Kenilworth Castle

  1. Oh, Shantal!!! I’ve been drooling over your blog! What an adventure! Everything looks amazing. I sure miss you guys. Your building seems so empty when I pass by, knowing you’re not there. When I woke up this morning, Ellie came to mind, and I wondered how big she is and how you guys are. Can’t wait to see more!

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