Travel Tip: Whisperings in your Ear

We made it back from Italy! And while it was a little crazy to do two big trips so close to each other, it has also made for some interesting comparisons. But that’ll be another post. Today I wanted to share a fun little tip we discovered while doing research for Florence.
IMG_7533It’s pretty common that Derek and I watch Rick Steves videos in anticipation for trips. It’s nice to get a feel for where you’re going and get a few ideas for places you might want to visit while you’re there. He’s totally our parents’ generation so we kind of laugh at the videos too, but come a new trip, we still check out what Rick has to say. We don’t typically use his guide books, but the free videos on hulu are totally worth 20 minutes of research time.
That’s not my tip. Well it is a tip, but it’s not the one I’m trying tell you about. While we were in Florence we found this page on his site: Audio tours for Rome, Florence, Venice, and Assisi. It was like having your own personal Rick Steves whispering in your ear. Creepy as that may sound. We were pretty excited about the guides, but bummed we hadn’t found it before Rome.
monapodThey’re less dry than most audio guides, even if the dryness is in part eliminated with groan-worthy humor attempts. They’re easy to use (we downloaded the mp3 rather than using the app), and while they don’t cover everything, they’re also short enough to keep your attention. Did I mention they’re free? Take that €8 audio guides! He has some for Austria, Germany, Greece, London, Paris, and Amsterdam. Anyway, check it out!
hr_rick_zagreb IMG_7632First image taken from  GIotto’s Bell Tower of the Duomo in Florence. Last taken from near the Doge’s Palace in Venice.

P.S. Rick Steves has no idea who I am, nor does he care. I’m just sharing this because we were so enthusiastic about it on our trip.


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