Travelogue: Siena

This is really less of a travelogue and more of a here’s-some-pictues-of-us-on-our-trip. With only a week in Italy, Siena seemed such a random stop for us, but we wanted to see at least one smaller town in Tuscany. Ultimately it was one of our favorite days.
IMG_7453It was mostly a day to just be. No agenda, just the three of us and Tuscany. We did see the cathedral and the cathedral’s museum that had unexpected gorgeous views. But other than that we walked around the city, ate the best gelato of my life, ate some excellent pizza (maybe Siena was about food for me…), bought a cool olive wood cutting board, saw another church and walked a bit more.IMG_7214Daughter was most excited about the stairs leading up to Siena’s cathedral,IMG_7435but I liked the marble-striped columns and starry sky-ed interior.IMG_7420IMG_7443IMG_7438Seriously love these two. Isn’t her cheesy smile great?IMG_7452Hiking off the pizza… can you tell I’m leaning at almost a 45° angle?IMG_7249IMG_7468Our best meal in Siena was at Osteria la Mossa on the edge of Piazza del Campo. The gelato that was so good was from Brivido Gelateria on the corner of Via del Pellegrini. I don’t remember the name of the flavor, but the pale blue gelato is amazingIMG_7245



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