Travelogue: Venice

This is the fourth post of our trip to Italy. If you want to read about our visits to RomeSiena, and Florence click on the links.

Venice, in my opinion, has some major pros and cons. The city is so cool. The quintessential gondolas, gorgeous water, quaint little streets and classic Venetian architecture. But the city is showing it’s age in a negative way. Many of the buildings could use re-plastering, but it probably just isn’t worth it with the constant flooding. The streets aren’t laid out very logically (a pro and a con). Pro – it’s fun to get lost and just wander. Con – if you get lost you might be lost for a long time. And more than the other Italian cities we visited, Venice seemed 80% tourist, making it more crowded and more expensive. I am willing to admit that some of those cons may have stood out to us because by the end of a week trip with a toddler, traveling starts to wear on us!IMG_7603 IMG_7701The grand canal is stunning. Just by leaving the train station we were greeted with a fantastic view.IMG_7553
IMG_7609Since we only had one full day in Venice we chose to see the city rather than trying to see the city’s museums. I don’t regret this. We saw art that I cared about and was excited to see in Florence. Venice was about Venice.
IMG_7690IMG_7594IMG_7602I had read that a 40 minute gondola ride could cost at least €80, more if taken at night and even more if you want your gondolier to sing. So 100+ €uro. Not on our budget! We went the boring route and booked a walking tour + gondola ride. We had seen enough other tour groups in every other city that we figured we’d try one out. Plus this seemed an easier way to take a gondola ride because whenever there’s bartering involved Derek pushes me forward and mutters something like “work your magic.” I can be pretty good at bartering, but I hate it. So as I was making decisions for this part of the trip – I decided no bartering! The walking tour was fine (no complaints or compliments) and the gondola ride was… crowded. BUT gorgeous and a check mark on our bucket list.
IMG_7743Even if our gondelier was totally into his iPhone, haha.
IMG_7333We followed the plan of wander, get lost, find yourself. Unfortunately that meant that we walked all day. Thanks to our walking tour roughly following our afternoon’s “wander” path, we walked down some of the same streets two or three times.
IMG_7673IMG_7562Below you can see Little L walking on the platforms Venitians put out during floods. These had been in use less than a week before we got there which makes me extra grateful for the weather we had!
IMG_7742My favorite things about Venice: the sun on the grand canal,
IMG_7637a free Vivaldi Violin Museum (even if we walked in circles trying to find it. Advice – get a map, in this old city GPS on your phone = total time waster!),
IMG_7347and this little smile.IMG_7646Ciao Bella!


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