Last weekend our little family took the train to Worcester. Yes, like the sauce. IMG_9101We toured the cathedral (a really big and historic one for the size of the town) and saw where Prince John (of the Robin Hood tales and signer of the Magna Carta) is buried, walked in Queen Elizabeth I’s footsteps, heard some amazing church bells, and appreciated the sunlight from the cloisters. IMG_9097IMG_9105We also did a little shopping along the main street, had a really good lunch (thanks to trip advisor), walked past the Guild Hall, and popped into the Worcester Art Gallery for a bit.IMG_9111IMG_9112It was a quick and easy day trip. Derek has worked at a client’s office in Worcester, so he wanted to actually see the city instead of just the train station. I think the cathedral made it worth it. In more important news, this little crazy pants is a year and a half! To celebrate her half birthday I made her favorite meal (nothing-fancy-spaghetti, but this kid loves her tomatoes!) and tried out those 2 to 3 ingredient cookies that have been all over pinterest. Hence the tomato and chocolate all over her face! IMG_9095It sure is a lovable face though!


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