Easter in England (and Wales)

I love Easter and springtime! Who doesn’t? I also love that since Easter is a more important holiday to this country Derek had both the Friday before and the Monday after off of work. Friday we took off towards Wales.
IMG_0005We stopped at Tintern Abbey on our way. We’ve seen a lot abbeys lately, but I was interested to this one because of this pin I found right after we moved here.
IMG_0010IMG_0023Derek was really excited to find some original (medieval!) stained glass.
We drove farther into Wales to Cardiff, where we stayed the night and saw the castle.
IMG_0048I love the glass eyes in that leopard.
IMG_0065The library in the castle – bathed in golden magic, don’t you think?
IMG_0053IMG_0082I’ve always loved the Welsh flag. How fun is it to have a dragon on your flag?
Our plan for Saturday was to go to a Welsh beach as the weather all week had been beach worthy, but Saturday was a bit chilly and overcast off and on. Instead we went to an open-air museum. It wasn’t hugely unlike Blists Hill at Ironbridge or a folk park we went to in Ireland, but we really enjoyed it.
IMG_0087My favorite part was a row of 6 terraced houses that were set up for the years 1805, 1855, 1895, 1925, 1955 and 1985. It’s one thing to see historical homes and interior decorating, but to see each of those years in quick succession created a fun time-travel-y perspective.
Derek really liked the gardens around the castle (all part of the museum).
IMG_0101IMG_0105With those blossoms though – how can you blame him? They are a perfect example of this time of year.
IMG_0110We had hoped for warm enough weather by the afternoon to make a beach trip worth it, but we still weren’t feeling the love. So we headed home, stopping in Bristol and visiting the  St. Nicholas Market and the M Shed museum on our way.
IMG_0119Easter morning we watched this beautifully created video about why we celebrate Easter. (Haven’t seen it yet? Haven’t seen it since Easter? Here’s the link again because it’s that good). We also kept our American tradition of Easter baskets and added the British tradition of giving a chocolate Easter Egg.
IMG_0138Dyeing eggs isn’t a tradition here because all eggs sold are brown. (I thought about doing this, but didn’t get my act together). You can buy plaster eggs with paint to decorate here, but apparently the tradition is to decorate Easter bonnets rather than eggs. After finding that out I secretly hoped some of the children would be wearing them at church, but it was not the case.
After church we set out a simple egg hunt in our back garden and took some silly family pictures.
IMG_0184Easter CollageOn Easter Monday (yep, that’s what it’s called!) we went on a bluebell walk with some friends. Basically we drove 20 minutes out of the city and walked through a forest with bluebells covering the forest floor.
IMG_0233The picture doesn’t do it justice. It was so fairytale-esqye, dainty, and perfect. Plus, how British does just the phrase “bluebell walk” sound? We loved it.
IMG_0251Derek is really a kid at heart. Happy spring!


2 thoughts on “Easter in England (and Wales)

  1. I love seeing these pictures of you and your family! Your hair is long and gorgeous and you all look happy! I miss and love you!

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