To Snowdonia and the North

We try not to be wasteful. Be it food, or belongings, or most especially, days off. So when Derek has a Friday off, we have to use it! For some reason a hiking trip sounded fun for this three-day weekend, so we planned to hike the PYG track (pronounced pig) up to the top of Mount Snowdon, the highest peak in Wales. You can take a train to the peak, which frankly, about three-fourths of the way up sounded like it would have been a much better decision than walking, but I’m happy we hiked.IMG_2197IMG_2212 Continue reading


Happy 4th!


No Fourth of July celebration is complete without a barbecue with friends and family. Even if you are in England, even if more than half the people celebrating with you are British citizens (with an American mother at least!) and even if there are more British accents than American in your midst.
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After lovely sea breezes and spending our time jumping in and out of the pool in Crete, Athens felt unbearably hot. Plus two summers in England (where 74° F is hot) has made it harder for us to adapt to 100° weather. With all that though, I was still excited to see so much history, even if we only had 48 hours in Athens.IMG_2127 Continue reading

Crete: A Vacation

Derek and I have talked about how cool it would be to go to Greece for a long time. Trouble is, it was always a fantasy conversation, not a real “where exactly do we want to go” and “what is it that we want to see” conversation. As we started really planning to go we realized how much there is to do and see in Greece! Island or mainland? Which island(s)? Which part of the mainland? Beach or city? Sightsee trip or relaxation vacation? IMG_1791Once we answered some of those questions we started looking at plane tickets. Upon seeing how expensive it was and how many flights it would take to get from Birmingham to Mykonos (3+ legs!) or some other islands we went back to the drawing board. I found a great price on one-way tickets into Crete (nonstop even!) and an even better price for a one-way out of Athens. Score! An island and the mainland. Vacation and some sightseeing. The biggest problem with this trip was honestly that we could have spent way more time in Greece. A good problem to have. The food was amazing, locals were really nice and welcoming to and prices weren’t extravagant. Plus family beach time. Win-win-win. While in Crete we stayed near Malia – hugely touristy, but really inexpensive and the pool led right down to the beach. IMG_1742Take me back! ahhhhhahaha Continue reading