Happy 4th!


No Fourth of July celebration is complete without a barbecue with friends and family. Even if you are in England, even if more than half the people celebrating with you are British citizens (with an American mother at least!) and even if there are more British accents than American in your midst.
IMG_2148On the 5th we got pretty much all the Americans we know over here together and had a party. We played, barbecued, ate, hurriedly put everything inside because it started to rain (so typical), then rejoiced when it rained only as long as it took for us to move the party inside. I think England was just reminding us where we are. Once the rain stopped we shot off some fireworks!
10367698_10152523094152390_2609923083842100462_nWe felt so patriotic. Even if the revolutionaries who fought for our freedom may not have approved of our current home country… (Have you seen this? Hilarious).July 4 Collage

Last July 4th we were just trying to settle into a new home and we were still quite homesick for America (some pictures from last year here, here and here).This year I’m glad we’re so much more comfortable with where we are and life in general.

In other news Daughter had her first haircut
haircut collagecomplete with shows to keep her focused in one direction (this in particular – whenever she sees the iPad she says “noman?”) and some favorite snacks to slow down the wiggles. She really just needed a trim to even out her mullet which is why I was brave enough to do it myself and thankfully, it turned out okay!
She will be turning two next week so which me luck as I get nostalgic all over the place and dream of this little babe.
IMG_4557Those toes!


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