Mi Madre & Mi Hermana: Around Birmingham

My mom and my sister came to visit us for two whole weeks in August. We had a glorious time. We sat around, played games, ate chocolate, discussed all things pregnancy and newborn (my sister is pregnant with her first!) and we saw England. Well, not the whole country, but some important bits. Their visit was so significant I’m breaking it into three posts. : ) Around Birmingham, London (weekend #1), and Southwest England (weekend #2).
On their first full day here we went to Cadbury World, Birmingham’s best attraction. I mean, chocolate tasting + a cheesy ride + a little history + more chocolate + a 4D show + a playground + more chocolate. And it’s only a few miles away from home.
IMG_2748I think my favorite discovery from this trip to Cadbury World is a very Wonka-ish chocolate bar with popping candy (like mild pop rocks), jellies (like little bits of gummy bears), and candy shells (like bits of mini M&Ms). A bit bizarre, but certainly a fun treat.
IMG_2752The day after our Cadbury World visit we took off for London (weekend #1). I wish I could say we did a ton of stuff the the next week, but we didn’t. Everyone was okay with that though. Monday we took it easy, Tuesday we went into the city center and shopped at the bullring and saw the Central Library, DSCF0159Wednesday we went to Warwick Castle, Thursday we stayed close to home and walked up and down my neighborhood high street, then Derek had Friday off so we took off on a road trip to Southwest England (weekend trip #2).
Derek and I first went to Warwick when we had lived here for just a few months, so it had been almost exactly a year since I was last there. I really like Warwick. There is history to learn and exhibits to see, there are shows to watch and towers to climb. It’s a good one.
IMG_3022Watching some jousting and sword fighting:
IMG_2966IMG_2975IMG_2936IMG_2940Bonus: We did this last time we went, but the promotion is still going on. Buy a box of Kellogg’s cereal and use the 2 for 1 coupon on the side to save some money on your Warwick Entrance Fee!
We considered going on a few other day trips, but both the pregnant one and the two year old benefited from daily, scheduled naps. Plus, while Stratford is nice, we’ve all been there more than once.


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