December in England

I hope you all had a Happy Christmas! Here are a few of our highlights from Birmingham and London this December.
Birmingham’s German Market with friendsIMG_8425 IMG_4442 IMG_4433Birmingham Royal Ballet’s NutcrackerIMG_4506 Kenilworth Castle with Father Christmas (Daughter is not a fan of Santa in any living form and refused to sit on his lap, but she likes him in stories. Ha!).
IMG_4662IMG_4651At Kenilworth on their Christmas Celebrations Day we met Father Christmas, made some crafts, listened to some stories, saw the decorations, and did some caroling. Kenilworth Christmas Collage London
Both this year and last year we’ve flown out of London for the holidays and taken a few days to see London before flying. (See last year’s trip here.)IMG_4736We got into London on the Saturday morning before Christmas and spent the afternoon touring the Palace of Westminster/Houses of Parliament. We were interested to learn more about Britain’s government and to see the House of Commons and the House of Lords.IMG_4731A horribly embarrassing (but now funny) story for your entertainment: I neglected to fully lock a toilet stall door when in the restrooms before our tour. A woman opened the door while I was, well, using the toilet and proceeded to stare at me for a few uncomfortable seconds before remembering social protocol, apologizing and closing the door. As I told Derek about it he reminded me that I would probably never see her again and it was nothing to worry about. I jokingly responded with, “Yeah, unless she’s our tour guide or something.” You guys. She WAS our tour guide. I don’t think she realized I was the same person though! Or she was just too polite. Oh my life. IMG_4733That evening we walked to Convent Garden to see the lights (and eat a Shake Shack custard). If you’re in the market for pretty lights and decorations in London I’m a fan of Covent Garden. Plus – Santa, all of his reindeer, AND a sleigh made out of Legos:IMG_4738We also walked around Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, and spent some time at the National Portrait Gallery. We tried to see the Portrait Gallery last year before Christmas, but it ended in a pool of a 1 year old’s tears on the floor, so we went back to see what we hadn’t seen before. This year it ended because of a 2 year old’s persistent requests to go “ousside.” I do think we’ve seen the whole museum now.
Sunday morning we walked through Hyde Park and past Kensington Palace. IMG_4744We attended a lovely Christmas meeting at the Hyde Park Chapel, walked down Portobello Road, and went to The British Museum before taking some time to appreciate the lights and Christmas window displays along Regent Street and Oxford Street.Christmas Displays London CollageIMG_4760Merry Christmas!


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